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Chat with vedicguru - Mayan Astrology and Vedic Astrology in Sweden online. 10-15 years of experience in Vedic Astrology. Welcome . Fast and Accurate-Truthful Answers from a Caring and Experienced Advisor.You will find honesty and integrity in my readings . i will put all my efforts to help you . i will give you truth only good or bad . ------------------------------------------PREDICTIONS HAPPENED-------------------------------------------------------------- My Spirit Guides can help me see into your relationship (in some cases, your relationship-to-be) and any other aspect of your life. I am so glad your own Guides brought you to my site. I can help you tune into yourself, your partner or soulmate and all your other loved ones. I will tell you what I honestly see in your past, present and future - and give you the tools to help change the outcome if you desire. Topic-wise, my specialties are relationships, women's and men's psychology, spirituality, and supporting the creation of new things - particularly businesses. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for how I work, my specialties are dream interpretation and the art of attracting - on a spiritual, energetic level - that which you want. This principle is often called the Law of Attraction. I can coach you in bringing your loved one closer and attracting that Right Man or Right Woman into your life - as well as attracting the right clients of your own, depending on your work. I will be honest. I will tell you what I see, but I will do it compassionately and include all the ways you might change the outcome. I am also ETHICAL - very respectful of your time and money. If you need to talk at length. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I run small orphanage so money comes through readings some part of money goes to help poor kids . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I give descriptions of everything like rooms, car, clothing, I hear names, thoughts, things you need to know,I feel body feelings, hurt, pain, happiness, tension, I see, hear,feel that around you, and with those you love. If given to me by spirit. (Empathic) Each reading is different and unique. I am NOT a mind reader. -------------------------------------------------(MY EXPERT SERVICE:)________________________________ -► Vedic Astrologer -►Clairvoyance (ability to see) -►Claircognizance (Clear knowing) -►Clairaudience (ability to hear) -►Spirits Guided -►Empath -►Astrology -►psychometry -►Energy -►Healing -►Relationship -►Healing and Remote Viewing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I give you facts. If they are cheating I will tell you with whom, if they love you I will give you details. I pride myself in honesty. I have repeat business due to honest and accuracy. I also do dream interpretation . ________________________________(MY SPECIALTIES)______________________________________ -►Love -►Marriage -►Relationship -►Matters of the HEART, -►Soulmates, -►Break ups, -►Divorce,Reunion -►Past lives, -►Health and career, -► Finances and Money, -►Home and Family, -►Dream Analysis, -► Mind and Body, -►Past life reading, -►Traveling and Relocation, -►Lost and Found, etc ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I carry with me gifts that were inherited through generations. I have helped thousands of people, I can focus on ANY issue. I can find solutions to problems, and help you on the right path.No sugar coating, only call if you are ready to hear the truth. Reading are very pacific and very detailed. you will be Amazed not Disappointed . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♥ ♥ ♥ (I WILL ANS YOU FOLLOWING QUESTIONS)♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU? ♥ IF HE / SHE WILL YOUR "S? ♥ WHERE IS YOUR LIFE GOING? ♥ WHERE IS YOUR BUSINESS GOING? ♥IS IT GOOD OR BAD FOR YOU? ♥IF HE OR SHE IS MY SOUL MATE? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TESTIMONIAL FROM CLIENTS 1-Excellent reading, with all the remedies and very truthful and all of the predictions did happened in the past. (NEED2KNOW5-USA ) 1-I can always count on Vedicguru for telling me the truth and without any sugarcoating and he tells it as i is but still helps me to stay positive and with good advice and guidance as well as his honest insights. HE IS VERY GENUINE AND VERY CARING. Thank u so much for all your help, I just hope I will bring good news soon, you helped me be patient and understand the big picture too, Peace and love to you always. XXX tanyaolivia64, Sydney 2-Very nice gentleman. and caring. He caught on the situation very well and look forward in chatting with him later nk063011, us 3-WOW Vediguru is the real deal!he is spot on in picking up situations and predicting what to come,wish had more than five stars to give him!!!! marsylyttle, Ireland 4-Thank you so much...he was terrific and right typist too dreamer65, Houston 5-Great reader. Gives you info without you having to say anything......polite and honest. Highly recommend. dstufra1, usa 6-I always feel calm after consulting with vedicguru as he truly is a very calm and gentle person and very spiritual. He is very honest and genuine and always tells me the truth as it stands and how he sees it and he has been very consistent in his readings about my future. He connects very well to my situation and picks up on feelings and intentions of those around me which gives me a better understanding of how things are developing. Thank you for all your kindness, support and help. I truly hope all I wish for will occur as you have seen great possibilities for me even though things seem to be stuck and negativity around, I will try and remain positive and patient Thank you for given me more insights and hope I will have good news soon. Love and peace to you always. xxx tanyaolivia64, Sydney 7-Thank you for your insight and guidance on my issue..seemed accurate..was a nice person to speak to! rosha05, London 8-Great guy, willing to help us. =) vjrei01, Miami 9-He is a gifted reader and he offers great guidance and advice on how to help the situation. FIVE STARS!! sacredlove71, United States 10-Such a nice person to talk to. feeling better after the session. I will be back in a few days:) Thanks again Vedicguru!!! ceffie, sd 11-Very helpful and generous with his time and energy. He really connects and finds positive ways to assist with your cause. He really cares for his clients and is very gifted! sacredlove71, Indianapolis 12-He was super accurate, strait to the point with no sugar coating! Loved his reading! :) courtneybdraper, Berkeley CA 13-Lovely man, honest and great intuition. He went the extra mile for me in my time of need. Thank you Vedicguru :-) araketanara, Wellington 14-His last prediction for me came true. I needed his guidance and he is more than willing to provide it. Always a pleasure to speak with him - he is very approachable and uplifting! Thanks Vedic.:) ceffie, sd 15-Wonderful reading, highly recommend him ! Lots of details and great advice. kellygal77, qld,australia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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